Bruno SORG Winery, Eguisheim

The Domaine Bruno SORG was created in 1965 by Renée and Bruno SORG in Ingersheim, the village where Renée SORG was born. In 1972, they bought a house with its outbuildings in Eguisheim, the village where Bruno SORG was born, where the estate is still to be found.

In 2004, the wine press and vinification vats were transferred to the outskirts of the village to a new building with a more rational location.

Since the outset, the entire production has been bottled. The wines are made exclusively with grapes grown on site.
The estate has very varied soils allowing the wine to express a strong identity.

The richest and most complex are the three “Grand Cru” varieties, namely the Pfersigberg and Eichberg in Eguisheim and the Florimont in Ingersheim.

Our decision to follow the principles of sustainable farming for the vineyards enables the coexistence of natural, and even rare, species of fauna and flora alongside the vines and allows us to produce grapes which reflect all the nuances of the terroirs and the grape varieties which flourish there.


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